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AIR Engineering and Testing Inc., provides the following services:
  1. HVAC Test and Balance: Testing, adjusting, and balancing of air conditioning and ventilation systems to provide comfortable conditions, safe and efficient operation, and acceptable air quality. Providing a written record of performance to assure compliance with system design, and permanent reference documentation. Managed by an Associated Air Balance Council certified test and balance engineer.
  2. Commissioning: Project definition, plan review, construction observation, training, start-up and testing of building systems to assure compliance with project requirements, complete documentation, and efficient long term operation.
  3. Indoor Air Quality: Testing and analysis of the building environment by a National Registry of Environmental Professionals certified IAQ Manager to verify the performance and operation of the air conditioning and ventilation systems. Locate and identify potential contaminants that may be detrimental to the building occupants, and make recommendations on solutions and improvements.
  4. Exhaust Certification: Testing and performance verification of fume hoods and exhaust systems to assure compliance with safety procedures, and applicable regulations to protect operational personnel.
  5. Building System Analysis: Inspection, testing, and analysis of building mechanical and electrical systems for operational standards and suitability to meet intended uses and environmental regulations. Due diligence inspections.
  6. Environmental: Testing and analysis of building conditions and internal operations to assure safe and healthy work spaces and compliance with applicable regulations and standards.
  7. Training: Building air conditioning and ventilation system training in relation to maintaining healthful and comfortable environmental conditions. Indoor Air Quality, environmental and safety training and seminars.
  8. Consulting: Professional and independent engineering review and analysis on building environmental equipment and conditions from design through construction and operation.

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