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About Us

AIR Engineering and Testing Inc., was incorporated in 1986 as an engineering services company. We are recognized as a leading provider of testing, adjusting and balancing, and commissioning services for mechanical building systems in north Texas.

Environmental systems must provide a proper balance of temperature, humidity, air movement and cleanness to create a comfortable environment. Making certain that these systems perform as well as the design engineer and owner intended requires professional test and balance and commissioning. We also are often involved in building due diligence inspections and investigations for under-performing systems.

AIR Engineering and Testing, Inc. is nationally certified by and is a member of both the Associated Air Balance Council and the National Environmental Balance Bureau. On our staff we have a professional engineer licensed in ten states that is a certified AABC test and balance engineer,and a NEBB certified balance supervisor. We hold certifications in construction specifications, plumbing engineering, air filtration, indoor air quality and environmental systems management.

AIR Engineering and Testing is a provider member of the Building Commissioning Association. We are also a member of the United States Green Building Council and have performed commissioning on many of their LEED® certified buildings.

As a leading independent test and balance company, AIR Engineering and Testing, Inc. can provide your company with competitive and unbiased analysis, testing, and record or certification of system performance.

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