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AIR Engineering and Testing Inc. takes a total systems approach to addressing the environmental air conditioning needs of its customers. For air conditioning test and balance and systems commissioning, the process includes setting the air and water flows and verifying controls operation to assure total system conformance to design intent and optimum performance. This results in both environmental comfort and operating efficiency.

AIR Engineering and Testing, Inc. specializes in the testing, adjusting and balancing, and commissioning of air conditioning and ventilation systems. It is our only business. Our certified field engineers and technicians are thoroughly trained in national standard procedures and use the latest in calibrated testing equipment. This training and specialized equipment allows us to meet the needs of office and high tech manufacturing environments as well as medical and computer facilities.

Our commitment to customer service and satisfaction, combined with our years of extensive experience and professionalism enables AIR Engineering and Testing Inc. to efficiently meet the needs of our customers. Our system analysis is totally non-biased since we do not design, sell or install any systems. We take pride in assuring that the tested and commissioned systems are complete and operate correctly before our job is done.

Regardless of the sophistication of the project, our testing and commissioning reports are supported by extensive documentation and are certified to national standards.

We look forward to the opportunity to be of service to your company.

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